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*A inter-continental cover in the South Hemisphere....


Just back in ADL (arrived sunday) from my RTW trip and I am already thinking about the next one.
I am considering going to Brazil to visit relatives during Xmas time and was contemplating taking a RTW ticket again. The problem is that, although *A has 3 southern hemisphere based airlines (RG, NZ, AN) none of them fly between continets without crossing the equator. Until 1998 RG used to fly GRU-JNB-BKK-HKG, which was very very convinient but since the ASIA+Russia economic crisis they don't do that anymore ... maybe now , that they are recovering from the currency devaluation and should be receiving new 777's they'll start that again , I don't know. For now , the only link are the SAAirways flights from GRU-JNB (overnight) JNB-PER-SYD.

On the pacific side, since 1999 Qantas flies from SYD to BUE via AKL, the same route Aerolineas Argentinas fly using brand new A340. Qantas/LanChile also fly from SYD to SCL via PPT. OW has clear advantage on this sector.

Has anyone heard anything if AirNZ is planning to fly to South America or Varig is planning to resume its South Hemisphere Asia service (they fly to Tokyo/Nagoya via LAX) ?

Any other *A links of that kind planned ? (Singapore?)

You might have pictured the problem by now ...to get a RTW trip from Australia to Brazil has to be via Japan/LAX and Europe, that rules out RTW-Lite(26000) and Star1(29000). So it means I'd need Star2 ($$$) ...
or worse,... would have to fly OW !

Have I missed any possibilities or is that it ?! >(



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