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Originally Posted by eponymous_coward View Post
Well, then, let me make an honest statement to you: whatever things others think is sexier about UA F on a 747 than LH F on an A333, I didn't end up really giving a damn about those things when I tried both products, but sure, I could see how someone else might think differently. I don't care if people see me sleeping or eating in a (max) 8 person F cabin. I wasn't impressed with UA's IFE setup compared to, say, Emirates, or even VX RED, and if it's not going to impress me, something arm-mounted is fine if it comes with a far superior soft product and lounge. I didn't find the UA seat more comfortable to sleep in than the LH seat. I didn't find the LH cabin particularly sweltering.

Given that if I want to go to or come from Europe from SEA, UA F is a one-hop, LH F is a nonstop... well, this makes it a no-brainer. It will be LH F out of SEA every chance I can get, instead of going though a hub like IAD, ORD or SFO and risking misconnects, additional flights, and so on.

I agree. I can see why people do the thing when there's no Dom and caviar, but I haven't reached the rarified level where I can take it all for granted yet. I'll need lots more flights in longhaul F and C to get there, I suppose.
Just to confirm, this is a sample set of one on LH? Not calling you out, just saying let's see if you still feel that way after having flown both a number of times. LH first has a huge novelty factor, which UA's definitely doesn't. But for me, at least, in the long-term I've preferred UA.

And while I note your point about non-stop vs. connection, that doesn't really address any of the issues of which is better. Of course non-stop takes the cake, but if you're flying a route where they compete (ORD, IAD, etc.), I hold that UA is materially more comfortable - nothing more.

Originally Posted by SkiAdcock View Post
I'm assuming you're saying the new configured F cabin is cool, and not the temp of the cabin. One of my big pet peeves w/ UA is them keeping the cabin temp too high, which makes it difficult to sleep. Flew 767 Int'l F just a few weeks ago & cabin was too hot. It cools down when they want you to wake up/brekkie, and it's a noticeable difference. Been a pet peeve of mine for years w/ UA.

How does a passenger in UA F regulate the entire cabin temp? Did I miss something? Wouldn't there be fisticuffs btwn passengers when some like it warm & others like it cool?

And hey, you get PJs on LH. I flew LH F on the way back 2 weeks ago. My plane matched the pics farther up in the thread. FCT rocks; 'nuf said.

Speaking only for myself, I'm not going to complain about Int'l F class, regardless of carrier.

Like CO's 757s, UA's 767s have a nasty temperature creep-up problem. That said, LH lacks personal air vents AND keeps temperature set north of 75 more often that not; it's been sweltering on 75%+ of flights I've taken and multiple requests only help 50% of the time; if you're in F on UA and complain, it can get very cold, very quickly.

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