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Originally Posted by NJUPINTHEAIR View Post
It's interesting that they are not converting some of the Avia properties to Andaz hotels given that some appear to be boutique hotels.

I wonder why? Napa could certainly qualify, right?
Yeah, I was wondering the same thing for the Avia Long Beach which is about 1,000 feet from the Hyatt Regency Long Beach, so it would make sense to brand it differently (assuming they're keeping the current HR).

The one thought I had is I've noticed there seems to be almost a new sub-class of Hyatt branded properties that is emerging that these might fit in along with the Olive 8, 48 Lex, and possibly others. It's half way between a Hyatt Regency and an Andaz, but they're branded a Hyatt, possibly along with a local name (street name, etc.). Not quite as modern and minimalist as an Andaz, but more of a boutique hotel than a standard Hyatt Regency and no Regency Club.
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