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I bet there are A LOT of NPR fans on this forum, including myself.

Last week when the original piece aired, I was thinking 'I KNOW a follow up is going to come up regarding FT'....well it did.

It's unfortunate that they didn't take a more balanced view, like in typical American fashion, taking advantage of a loophole in the system, approach.

NPR does have a thread of moral code, eg: interview with ex-ESPN reporter who actually clapped in the pressroom and defended his action that's a bit dated and extreme. But overall NPR does have a good record and as balanced as any other news organization out there.....It's certainly no Fox "News".

And I view myself is quite a conservative (though socially progressive) saying this.

Suggestion: instead of raving on about the unfairness here, hit NPRs site and feedback. They air these responses and if the FT community takes exception on our representation, we should let NPR know on THEIR website to be more fair and balanced than they were on this piece.

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