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Originally Posted by jamesteroh View Post
GREAT post. Providing we are using our own credit cards and not stolen ones, nothing illegal or unethical is being done here.

The mint choses to provide free shipping on coins for sale, we chose to buy them. On my flight out to Vegas Friday, my upgrade to first cleared on a "U" fare on Delta. Am I exploiting Delta by flying in First class when I bought the second to the chepest airfare out there? In Vegas, I like to stay to stay at the LV Hilton because it ends up basically being a free stay with the perks they give their elite members. Am I exploiting Hilton by taking a free breakfast and free wifi? Am I exploiting Am Ex by accepting Delta Miles and Hilton points?

Is the writer from NPR exploiting the US government when he deducts the mortgage interest he pays along with the other deductions on his schedule A?
No, the writer(s) and NPR researchers and NPR itself exploited us, this forum and its owners by extracting information from this and other threads to form an opinion and then accuse us all of something close to scamming.

They made money off their reporting efforts. We lose money if this makes the coin scene go belly up.

This is perhaps where a bunch of we angry villagers should consider approaching the NPR castle with pitchforks in hand, eh?
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