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Originally Posted by AK-business-traveler View Post
Thanks to all for the input - looks like a taxi will be easiest due to the bag issue. I'm staying at the Ritz-Carlton which is I believe near the metro entrance, so at least I'll be able to get out and around the following morning!

Appreciate the help. :-:
If you are coming from the Metro, which would probably be the easiest for you, depending on the taxi queue, when you leave the Pentagon City station, go left, then up the escalator - Hotel Entrance will be in front of you on the right.

Also, if it's raining or unusually hot and away from any rush hour period, exit the train and turnstyle, turn left, go through the set of doors, up the escalator and into the mall, up the escalator twice more or elevator two floors, turn right and go to the Ritz through the mall entrance - but I would not recommend doing this during the day at any point in time - too many people and pulling luggage through the mall and escalator as a tourist will not be welcomed.

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