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Thank you for all the information- Policies and Procedures should be in place

Thank you to the OP's for all the information about your experiences.

It would seem to me that if CX has a habit of downgrading the 747-400 ( 74A ) aircraft on a regular basis on the HKG - SIN, HKG - BKK routes, that they should not offer First Class on these routes. Since there are only 9 seats in the First Class cabin, they could either leave the cabin empty or use it for their most frequent flyers and full fare connecting First Class passengers. The passengers would be booked in Business Class and the larger seat would be a bonus.

It seems strange to me that you would want to regularly downgrade First Class passengers - revenue or award - in a service business like an airline. Passengers that book any flight on any airline in First Class, clearly made that choice and should have the right that the service offered will actually be delivered. Why would CX want to involuntary downgrade First Class passengers on a regular basis? It just doesn't make sense to me.

The same situation would apply for any airline and in any downgrade situation. An airline should not sell Business Class tickets on a route that they regularly downgrade to, or generally operate with an all Economy Class version aircraft. Again, it just does not make sense to alienate your "ticketed" Premium Class passengers.

If I flew the HKG - SIN or HKG - BKK routes often, I probably would never purchase First Class on CX, and possibly just fly another airline that offered a more consistent product offering.

It also seems that CX could handle these situations better by having standard policies and prcedures in place to address them. There should be set procedure advising the affected passengers that the aircraft has been downgraded and the passengers options. These could include refunding the difference in fare paid for the sector, a set downgrade amount that is consistent at all affected airports , reboooking on another CX flight that offers First Class, rebooking on another airline that offers First Class departing within 3 - 4 hours. Keep in mind we are only referring to involunary downgrades on the day of departure, so the passenger already has a ticket in First Class. This should always entitle the passenger to some form of involutary downgrade compensation from what I understand or rebooking onto another flight that offers First Class.

It seems strange to me that CX does not have official procedures on how to handle these downgrades as they seem to happen so often. Maybe they do and the CX staff is not following them? It sounds like in many cases CX requires the passenger to request a resolution to the involuntary downgrade, where as it should be CX proactively offering a resolution to resolve the issue as they were the ones that involuntarily downgraded the ticketed passenger.


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