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Using AA miles for CX F redemption on short sectors.

Originally Posted by QRC3288 View Post
For the AA members, it makes sense for them to redeem the miles since the additional miles they use on that sector is probably low (clarification?), but from CX's point of view the value they get from AA for that sector has to be pretty low also. I do get a chuckle from AA members who get indignant when the HKG-SIN sector gets downgraded (I'd love to see the actual cash value of that downgrade....I bet it's peanuts, same with the AONE), considering how few I'm assuming additional miles are needed for the SIN sector, but it's still not an excuse for CX to care less about F on that route.
I can't see many AA members booking short F sectors such as SIN-HKG in isolation. It is a very inefficient use of miles (an Asia 2 award is 32,500 one way F; 22,500 one way J). If I booked a solo Asia2 sector and it got downgraded, I would be indignant. You can get HKG-SIN included as part of a Europe - Asia2 F award for 70,000 miles one way. An extra 4 hours in F for no extra outlay - thank you very much AA/CX.

That does not excuse CX from swapping out F from the route, but even a cursory search through FT will see that aircraft substitutions are frequent; when planning the trip I treated the short sectors as a bonus if it came in as F, and no worries if it didn't. Other AA flyers may not be so charitable to a failure in service provision.

Originally Posted by flyerfly View Post
The nice bloke that sat next to me on CX739 (that was 2 weeks ago) which was changed from a 744 to a regional 773 received HK$1,500 as compensation for the downgrade from F to J. He seems rather happy about it. He slept through the entire flight without bothering anyone so guess he did not really care about whether he is in J or F.
After having stepped off a 12 hour flight AMS-HKG in F, the last thing I needed was anther six course meal. That said, an F flat bed would have been nice, but like your seatmate I just slept for the flight.
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