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to answer the actual question

Originally Posted by ozstamps View Post
Mods can close this thanks - it has turned in an OMNI thread about checking baggage, despite trying to get an actual answer to the thread question.
there is no technical risk to checking a laptop PC in a suitcase, beyond the standard "rough handling" issues that can arise with any suitcase. The lower pressure / temperature in the cargo hold will not cause the display to crack/explode/what have you.

As long as it's packed adequately so the usual cargo handling processes don't physically damage it, your only other worry is theft. Since you seem comfortable with that, you're good to go.

Personally, I've done similar things with low value older notebooks, like yours, where even if it's stolen there's no real loss. The one thing I'd suggest is taking out the hard disk and carrying that with you, since while the PC itself may not be worth that much you may have personal data on the disk that's valuable and/or sensitive. At least on all my notebooks (except for Macbooks) popping the hard disk out or in is a very simply task.

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