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Originally Posted by richarddd View Post
That's the biggest question many of us have about the chip & signature cards - whether they'll work in unattended kiosks and the like. Any light you can shed on this would be appreciated.
i have now used the chip and signature palladium visa card many times in attended checkouts that have machines that read chipped cards only. the card has worked flawlessly every time -- the cashier just hands over the docket to me to sign.

to date i have only been able to attempt purchases in two unattended venues that required chipped cards. the first was to purchase a tram ticket in munich (the machine only showed the maestro (mc) logo, so i'm not comfortable that this was a fair test) and the second was a vending machine that had a strong air of out-of-order about it (so i'm not 100% comfortable with the validity of that test either). in both of these cases my purchase was rejected with an "unable to read card" error.

i will continue to try to find more unattended kiosks, but, from my flawed sampling thus far, it appears that chase's chip and signature cards do not work in unattended checkouts that require a chip and pin.
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