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Originally Posted by Wimpie View Post
TSA Watch: Take a picture of a checkpoint, go to jail?


Scare Tactics it seems.
Originally Posted by rgfloor View Post
Post #291 by Wimpie commented on the sign posted by BWI airport stating NO PHOTO OR VIDEO.

The law referenced was COMAR 11 03.01.09 B (2) which states:
. . . .

Apparantly the airport has put out a "security directive" prohibiting photography.

My question is, would this pass legal muster? Will other airport authorities jump on this bandwagon?
Originally Posted by ND Sol View Post
These or similar signs have been up for years at BWI. Phil tried to get an answer out of BWI airport operations, but AFAIK he received none except they were turning it over to someone to respond to him. We had a discussion about these before and their legality is questionable at best.
I have been advised by BWI today that the signs at the entrances to the security check points have been covered and that they are no longer in effect.
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