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I was very glad to see this in the last few days, both when looking to book a Gold Passport property, and then driving by, seeing it from the freeway. Monolithic building - not a bad thing - not of the typical SS model. What a wonderful location. I wonder if there's convenient public transportation to The City. If so, it would be a hop, skip and a jump over the Bay Bridge, seems to me. The building still has its former brand's sign encased in canvas. (Thought it might be "Wyndham Suites", if there are such, before coming to this thread.)

A couple of other aspects make me happy, too. This was relatively unannounced, indicating the the Hyatt family (of hotels) is capable of moving fairly quickly and grabbing an opportunity when it comes along. Very good news, if so. And it's wonderful to have another prospect in the Bay Area -- anywhere, for that matter. ^
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