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Originally Posted by HemiSync View Post
Okay I just started this recently and got my first 1k of coins the week before last. I then made two separate orders using separate card numbers but same address. On Tuesday of this week the orders changed to:
"Order Status: Your order request is in process.
Item Status: In stock and reserved"

On the same day both cards show a decrease in available credit by 1k each. Now on Friday both shipments still say the same thing and while my available limit is still reduced by 1k each, neither charge has actually hit my recent transactions.

Have I screwed this up royally or does this happen on some occasions?
This is normal procedure - not any different than you go to stay at a hotel which initially authorizes an amount but then the bill is not sent until you check out with the final tally.

They are just authorizations.

The actual billing will not be sent by the Mint until the cons are actually shipped.
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