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Originally Posted by dayone View Post
All Holds and Exceptions are documented in the tracking system and can be confirmed online.

I live in a very large city. Even though I live close to the depot, it is quite busy. I prefer to bother the staff only when I need special attention.
I only bother the staff when the packages not arrive as they should and I need to head to the airport in 2 hours.

The normal delivery time to us is 9:30AM. If it does not come, then 10:30 to 11:00AM can be expected. Passed that and still no show then if we do have prior commitment to leave I will call the depot direct.

There was one occasion the delivery guy (not my usual ones) had some quite unprofessional behavior and I complained online. Local depot supervisor called the next morning. Turned out that particular guy has had similar complaints from customers before. The supervisor gave me the direct phone number to the depot but I of course only use it when absolutely necessary.

OTOH, we have 3 regular UPS guys that are exceptionally good with one is so nice we nickname him "gentle giant" because he is very tall and big and always has a smiling face and very polite. He has amazing strength though.

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