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Originally Posted by mfong View Post
I understand what a "kettle" is, but why are they called kettles?

I always show up 5 minutes before boarding, but I always stand way way in the back until my zone is called. Today when I ran late, there were about 5-8 people left who were boarding, I said to myself "I could be a brat and just stand in the SP line", but I just stood right behind the last pack.

I also laugh when I see the plastic tags, because I try my very best to be as modest as possible. I just give my tags to my kids and they wear them on their luggage when they travel =D They are 9k miles from FO status, I told them that if I can find 2 good MRs to the West Coast, we're doing it because it would be neat to see 2 tweens with FO status =D
Using the SP line does not make you a brat...

Passing others in the SP line does!
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