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Originally Posted by jamesteroh View Post
So if these orders happen to revert back to hold and say I decide to cancel them if it has been 10 days since the last shipment went out on those cards, can I reorder again, or do I have to wait until 10 days from today since my cards were authorized today?

This is starting to get really complicated, and I am a CPA and should be used to dealing with things like this I am about ready to add a few more cards to thesetwoamericanexpress acounts and just do an order once a month on each one
Greeting from a former CPA... I am glad this is behind me.

You can always re-order as long as the authorization does not take place prior the 10 days have passed.

If the On Hold order stock status is In Stock, I call in to change payment card that is not touched 10 days before. Order immediately changed back to In Process once the new card info is in the system, and ship next day.

The downside of the above is, Mint could take 3 to 7 days to finally bill the replacement card - this makes bookkeeping a little bit demanding, even with a spreadsheet and Microsoft Money. I always make sure the entries on cash side and the card billing side are balanced in my Money but sometimes forget the notation made in the spreadsheet.

I dont bother to cancel and re-order which would make you queue all over again. The stock status would change to In Stock FIRST before the Mint authorize your card. So you have your spot and just need to replace the existing one with a new one, or if enough time has passed, asked the Mint to try release it again.

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