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Originally Posted by jamesteroh View Post
This sucks IF it's true it's now ten days AFTER authorization until you can order again. I have been ordering ten days between orders so far with no problems, so hopefully the person that posted that didn't know what they were talking about.

Am Ex isn't a big dea`l since it shows the date it was actually authorized but with Citi, it won't be as easy.
You will get order status reversed from In Process back to On Hold if the same card is used to place 2 orders of 10 days interval but the 1st order was very delayed for shipment and the 2nd order was ready to ship in less than 10 days from the 1st order's shipment.

I have had that happened 3 or 4 times now. At least 2 or 3 persons told me they had that happened to them too. The only common element is, same card, 2 orders and the shipment dates were less than 10 days in between, the 2nd one would be reverted back to Oh Hold.

My first incident was a 5/26 order got shipped before a 5/16 order. When the 5/16 order was ready to ship, the card was authorized on the 5/26 order shipment only 3 or 4 days before. Result? The 5/16 order reverted back to On Hold. I called and switched the payment card and they released it again, then it shipped.

I currently have yet another order once again reverted back to On Hold - because the card used was authorized on 6/16 for a 6/09 shipment for unknown reason, and the order was placed on 5/30! This totally messed my current order up as order should be good to ship now yet since the previous authorization was done on 6/16 despite previous order was placed on 5/30 and shipped on 6/09, Mint system reverts the current order back to On Hold!

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