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Originally Posted by redsox1918 View Post
Perhaps you could start by outlining the full benefits you get in your company and then how these alter once you retire? Fair is Fair.

The operating captain is who decides if any jump seats are to be used. It is captain and captain only who decides.

You should try a fold down jump seat for 14 hours!!
Perhaps I should have phrased my post differently, I wasn't asking for a detailed list of staff benefits, I was just genuinely curious asto whether there exists, some kind of unofficial perk/agreement between flight deck crew past and present as it's not something I've seen (or at least noticed) before and seemed a little unusual to me for someone other than the FC to be seated in the jump seats, particularly for the whole flight.

(As to my benefits, I'm self employed so it would be a small or non-existent list of benefits )
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