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Over here Finnair tried to argue something like that some years back, after they had started their Tallinn operations. Back then you could often find a TLL-HEL-xxx return much cheaper than HEL-xxx, which made some people buy the ticket from TLL and then just not fly the final HEL-TLL segment.

If I recall, a Finnair rep interviewed in a newspaper tried to claim that missing part of your itinerary would be a breach of contract which they could sue in court, and a professor of contract law who was interviewed for the same article pretty much shredded that argument to pieces. I didn't hear more after that, and sooner or later things resolved to what they are today, the price difference is no longer large enough that most people would bother.

It's interesting if in some countries an airline can actually charge you extra (note that the LH example quoted earlier was simply about not getting a refund of taxes, not about having to pay the airline extra for allowing them save fuel or resell your seat).

I wonder what will be next by the same logic - figuring your connection time was longer than necessary, and therefore you should pay the price of a different flight you could have taken, instead of the ticket you did buy?
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