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Originally Posted by satz View Post
Really? I deposited coins to a Chase business account and was not charged any fees. Was I lucky?
Try it a few more times and see if your luck would run out.

Again, it depends on branches whether they are willing to accommodate or not. It also depends on how much, how often, your deposits are and how big the branch is, how busy the branch is. (the bigger the busier the merrier)

It is not a one size fits all thing. Pretty much try it by error at your local branches of ANY bank.

More than one occasions with either BofA or Wachovia, the branches suggested me to open a business account...

Therefore any info posted by others NOT in your neck of wood, is pretty much useless unless it is a Corporate-wide policy change with back up documents. Why people want to generalize others experience that may be thousand miles away is beyond me because this thing has way too many variables that are localized. There are literally 2 Wells Fargo branches in my area that are 1/2 mile apart and they have a totally opposite attitudes!
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