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Originally Posted by Tronic View Post
Just called my bank (a credit union) and asked about depositing the coins and they said they must be unrolled and that if deposited via a teller it would be a 5% fee but if I was willing to use the coin counter it would be 1% which doesn't seem like much but its basically like paying $500 for a reward ticket that costs 50k miles so that's out.

I'm gonna call around and see but which chain do you guys think I'll have the best luck with? Yes, I know that they've all been talked about in this thread individually but after reading the last 100 pages it's just the same thing repeated.

These are the national chains I have in my area:
Wells Fargo
Capital One
BBVA Compass
+ a handful of regional/state banks

I know it varies by branch but who should I try first for overall acceptance?
Typical noob behavior!

Everyone tries this by trial and error in actually bringing in the coins for deposit.

There is NO Bank Policy but Branch Policy. Different town has different situation as well. Even same bank different branches with 1 to 2 miles apart would have a totally different attitude.

Please do yourself and the thread members a favor by actually going to the branches of your choice and find it out which one is friendly and which one is not.
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