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Hilton HHonors rewards for Hilton Amex cardholders aka AXON (DISCONTINUED)

AXON rewards were permanently discontinued on February 16, 2017.

Historical Note #1
Prior to the elimination of AXON awards, the following rules applied:
Holders of the US-based Hilton American Express cards (both the regular and Surpass versions) have an additional redemption option. In addition to receiving automatic elite status -- Gold for the Surpass card; Silver for the regular Amex -- and the corresponding VIP reward discount described above, cardholders also qualify for a separate class of rewards (AXON).

AXON rewards are available for 4-night stays at hotels in categories 5 through 10, as follows:
  • Category 5: 130,000 points
  • Category 6: 160,000 points
  • Category 7: 190,000 points
  • Category 8: 220,000 points
  • Category 9: 260,000 points
  • Category 10: 300,000 points

As with standard and Fifth Night Free rewards, AXON rewards apply only to standard rooms, and not to higher room categories. See the discussion at the end of post #1 concerning capacity controls.

For a comprehensive comparison of AXON to Fifth Night Free and standard awards, see post #10 above. Note that in many cases, AXON is more expensive than a standard reward stay.

For general discussion concerning AXON awards, see AXON Hilton HHonors Award Questions and Information: The Definitive Thread.

AXON awards cannot be booked online, and must instead be made by calling 1-800-920-5649, per the Hilton Amex terms and conditions. Note that this is the Diamond Desk, and the CSR will automatically ask for your Diamond number. Don't be thrown off; if you are not Diamond Elite, simply explain that you are calling to redeem an AXON reward stay.
Historical Note #2
Prior to 2013, the AXON pricing structure looked very different:
AXON rewards are available for 4-night stays at hotels in categories 5 through 7, as follows:
  • Category 5: 125,000 points
  • Category 6: 125,000 points
  • Category 7: 145,000 points

Inexplicably, the AXON rate for category 5 hotels is higher than the VIP reward rate: 125K vs. 119K for a VIP reward. (Inexplicably, because anyone who qualifies for AXON is by definition a Hilton elite eligible for the VIP reward, meaning that no-one should ever need or want to use the AXON5 reward rate.) However, AXON awards provide substantial discounts at category 6 and 7 hotels, as illustrated by the following chart taken from Ric Garrido's blog post:

Some members report that confirmation emails and/or online reservation records for AXON awards sometimes show the higher VIP rate instead of, or in addition to, the correct AXON point charge, although the proper amounts are deducted from their accounts. Also, as noted in the September 2011 thread, some American Express websites list outdated AXON point costs (i.e., showing 6 as the top HHonors category).

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