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"Fifth Night Free" benefit for HHonors elites

HHonors members with elite status -- Silver, Gold, Diamond -- qualify for a "Fifth Night Free" benefit on any single reward stay of five or more consecutive nights, up to four free nights on a stay of 20 consecutive nights. (Members may obtain elite status through hotel stays or by acquiring any of the Hilton-affiliated credit cards. For more information on the benefits of HHonors status and how to earn it, see the HHonors website and the FT threads listed in the FT Hilton FAQ.) Hilton's FT liaison has stated that Fifth Night Free will continue to be available in 2017 after hotel categories are abolished.

In cases where the number of points required per night varies (for example, when a stay includes peak and off-peak nights), the point value of the free night is determined by dividing the total point cost of all nights by the number of nights in the stay. Thus, for a six-night stay in which 3 nights cost 40K each and the other 3 nights cost 30K each, the value of the free night is 35K (210K/6). In this example, the total cost for the stay would be 175K (210K - 35K discount) the cost of the last night is reduced to zero (as of Oct. 1, 2017). As a result, the benefit of the free night can now vary greatly depending on the points rate (before discount) of the last night.

Elite members need not take any extra steps to receive the benefit. Any qualifying booking receives the discount automatically. Note also that the Fifth Night Free benefit applies only to standard rooms; see the discussion at the end of post #1 concerning capacity controls.

For more information about this benefit, see the HHonors FAQand the HHonors terms & conditions.

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