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Originally Posted by thegrailer View Post
Is the diamond amenity still 3 green apples? Your reviews on this hotel are greatly appreciated and while I am kicking myself for thinking this, I believe the GH will be a better option that the PH for my upcoming trip.

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In a suite, the amenity is a fruit plate plus a little packet of local sweets, like a cross between nougat and lukum; in a regular club room, just the fruit plate [quite a varied plate, rather than the notorious '3 green apples' of Cologne/Mainz fame ].

As I said, the GH is a fine hotel, but it feels like (because it is) a large chain hotel, lots of rooms, lots of people, lots of facilities (including good gym, good RC and excellent food/drinks options evening and morning). The PH has a real boutique feel about it, never seems to be crowded, discreet and very good staff, etc. The difference is reflected in the rates, the corp rate I was using was €100 more at the PH, without breakfast or internet which are both included at the GH.

Someone up thread posted about being here for a few days as a tourist on their own, and thinking that GH would be better based on RC, location and general 'buzz' - I agree. As a single biz traveller I bounce between them because I need the stays ; I love the PH but it would be much better suited for a long weekend with Mrs Mac

Feel free to ask any more questions, either here or on PM.
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