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Fourth time a charm?

Originally Posted by booyaa View Post
I had opened Chase CO on 12/10/10 and Chase BA on 4/10/11. Applied for Chase Sapphire today. Result was pending. Called 1-888-245-0625 and was told application was declined due to too many recent inquiries (5 only) and too many recent accounts open. Asked to close CO or shift credit limit, wouldn’t budge since CO and BA were opened in recent 6 months.

Hung up and called again. Same thing (apparently a note was left from previous convo with first agent), this time was also told they are trying to prevent people from applying just for bonuses. Both times I was also asked why I’m applying for Sapphire since I’ve applied for CO and BA recently. Was told to “continue maintaining good relationship and later shifting credit line is definitely an option.” Again citing the recent new cards as reason for unable to approve. I’m definitely calling again in a couple of days.
After the previous two call-ins, I tried once again a day later. Still no dice with same reasons. Waited 2 days and tried again today, a lovely lady, N***y told me yes it was declined and gave me same reason (too many inquiries and accounts open in last 12 months). She then asked me why I have being applying for so many. I told her I have been looking for the "best" travel rewards card, and said though CO card was great, Sapphire gave me more flexibility and benefits (and naming them). She then offered to close my Freedom card, which I politely explained the only reason I don't want to close that is because it is my longest history card and asked to close CO instead. She agreed but said I need another 1k CL for the 5k minimum on signature cards, so I asked to pull 1k from BA. And voila! It is now going to the "last step" for approval!

Lesson from me and others who offered (thanks guys): KEEP CALLING!

Since I opened CO on 12/17/10 (not the 10th like I thought) and closed within 6 months. I just transferred all my CO miles to my UA account, just in case!

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