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I've had to re-circle several rental lots during my career, being quick to complain about condition and operating issues, but the worst was years ago in Lafayette, LA, a couple of weeks after a hurricane that wreaked its wrath along a stretch of the Gulf Coast from S. Louisiana to West of Houston. I should have been suspicious of "We've a nice upgrade for you!" (company unnamed, but it starts with an "N"). The pristine white LeSabre w/Texas plates turned out to be a survivor of an extended period in a lot covered with 18" of water. The tipoff was the squish from the floor mats, but the ripe aroma of tidal marsh blowing from the AC was even more noticeable.

Fortunately, the hospitable yet naturally conniving nature of South Louisianans (even at car rental desks) triumphed, and the staff, satisfied that the original con-job had failed, tried to sell me on taking an econo-bucket, but ended up giving me a far grander machine, after I had hinted that I would likely pursue a grand and public "I'll have your guts for garters!" approach. I drove off in an even more luxurious Buick in which good fortune had left only the trunk modestly waterlogged, so than when driven fast the taint of the dismal swamp didn't reach the driver's seat. Smarter or earlier renters had cleared the lot of high clearance (likely less wettened) SUVs before my late evening arrival.

I note that I (and most others) will settle for less in the late evening, just to get on our way.
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