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Originally Posted by scubadiver View Post
In FLA with kids, visiting parents. Time to go home. Dad explains a cool way to get to TPA using back roads. Avoid US 19, hardly any traffic.

On a back road through a steaming Florida swamp the engine drops to an idle. Gas pedal flops loose. This was before cell phones. No development near by. No pay phone. Hardly any traffic. Oh Crap!

Being a guy even though not a mechanic I had to look under the hood. Throttle cable had broken. Now what? Using nail clippers as pliers I stripped the broken ends, bent a hook and tied them together with a twist-tie from a bag of snacks wife had brought to keep the toddlers quiet.

Very gentle pressure on the pedal revved the engine. Limped up to the Hertz drop-off at TPA. Dripping sweat. Completed paperwork, then went out to the car and mashed the pedal hard, breaking the twist-tie. Hertz problem now!
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