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Originally Posted by barbell View Post
I wouldn't be so sure.

She stated throughout, "They're just doing their jobs."

However, the second lady was clear, "If I'm going to get the pat down anyway I'll just skip the scanner."

It's kind of sad that they've both just resigned themselves that they have to put up with either. How can anyone at TSA be proud of themselves for abusing an elderly person?
It's a different mentality. The key to success of the intrusiveness in place at airports is for the screening clerk workforce to become and remain completely desensitized. The #1 example of this desensitization is the word "resistence." This word was not invented for us. The term was invented for the clerks. Feeling ANYTHING (all the way from pride to disgust) is trained out of them. So, the average clerk feels nothing and must feel nothing in order to keep coming to work every day. "They're just doing their jobs." is a measure of success of the desensitization program aimed at the public.

Since desensitization is not a normal human character trait, the pressure builds inside the target until one of two things happen when that build-up finally breaks:

1. The individual becomes disgusted, both at the activity in which they participated and because they allowed themselves to become sensitized. At the very best, they leave the environment that produced the desensitization. At the very worst, depression and mental illness occurs, and this can occur quite a while after the individual is removed from the situation.

2. The disgust turns to anger, which they release at passengers and their coworkers. Rolando is one example. He was just one example of a desensitization failure. It was no fault of his own; he just couldn't allow himself to become desensitized. His taunters released their desensitization by agressiveness and anger towards a weaker individual.

Sorry to go off topic, but, this is classic psychological warfare stuff. My disgust is watching this happen to the United States of America by self-inflicted wound with nobody caring.
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