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I was in Orlando recently with the GF and two friends. We had a rental van. We did some shopping and went out to dinner at a nice restaurant One of the friends purchased an expensive item and decided to put that item in the stow and go seating area (under the floor). At the restaurant, we were seated on the patio with the van in full view of us. When we got back, I noticed that the driver side door handle looked a bit funny, but thought little of it. Then our friends noticed that everything they purchased was gone - except for the very expensive item (which cost more than everything else combined).

Turns out somebody had pried open the driver side door handle with a screwdriver or something. No alarm on the car.

Looking to avoid insane fees from my insurance ($500 deductible) or from the car rental company - I took it to a body shop the next day. They were able to fix the door (except for a slight ding where you put in your key - you'd only see it if you looked) for $100.

Not as bad of a story as the rest of you all - but not fun either. I still can't believe the car didn't have an alarm system.
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