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Originally Posted by KoKoBuddy View Post
A rental car is maintained properly. Last thing Avis wants is one of their car's brakes to fail and kill someone so the brakes are checked routinely. Pads are changed when needed. The oil is changed when needed. All fluids are checked, tires rotated, etc when needed. That's the most important thing in a car. Has it been maintained properly? If I'm buying a used car and the seller doesn't have a full set of records, I won't even look.
A friend worked for one of the more enterprising car rental chains when we were in college. She warned me against buying a used rental. Her specific objection was lack of maintenance. Their airport location would routinely send cars needing service to other locations or rent them to people doing one-ways. Once at the new destination, it was a toss up as to whether they would get timely service or be sent somewhere else.
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