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I believe any preclearance facility requires this as a condition of entry to the secure side upon landing at a US airport.

I think it's more amusing to see my fellow Americans in security checkpoints around the world, shoeless, while everyone else waltzes through. The US air travelers are indeed conditioned to remove their shoes as well as everything else: belts, scarves, jackets, etc.

I don't know why the hysteria with shoes started at the same time as the war on water. Remember, shoes had been 'dangerous' since December 2001. Before August 2006, TSA recommended shoe removal but didn't require it. My experience was that it was more of a 'requirement' at larger airports than smaller ones. TSOs at small airports would never say anything, but I remember the TSOs at DTW and ORD would bark at everyone "SHOES OFF! SHOES OFF!" Perhaps they used the war on water as an excuse to unify the policy across all airports.

I think the TSA shoe fetish is the thing I like the least behind the war on water. I know where I walk throughout the day, and do you really want to place your laptop neoprene case, your kippie bag, or your jacket in the same bins of shoes that were walking around in a dirty restroom floor 5 minutes earlier? Of course, I guess that's why there are those "SHOES ON THE BELT!!!" airports...
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