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Which Countries Require Shoe Removal?

In my experience I can only recall:

- US all shoes, all checkpoints (with exceptions made for certain travellers)
- Canada, for US destinations only
- UK only for certain shoes (generally boots or bulky shoes)
- ICN (for US bound flights)
- Phillipines
- various airports for US bound flights

I did a search but cannot find a thread about this topic. Does any other country require shoe removal for all passengers? I cannot recall any in my somewhat broad experience.

Also note that I am asking for actual requirements, not people who voluntarily remove their shoes when not required to do so.

Summer travel season has begun, and I can tell you that there were jams at FRA over the weekend thanks to people removing their shoes when they are not required to do so (even after being told by security and by certain 'helpful' fellow passengers)

Edited to request that if you are going to post a country which required you to remove your shoes if you could also provide information including if you were flying to the US, and if on a US carrier. Thank you.

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