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The ticket that I finally booked did pass the OW desk inspection. Unfortunately, due to other changes I made, some of the below hypothesis couldn't be tested/confirmed. I've taken them one at a time:

{will confirm with ticketing}* An open jaw land segment counts as a segment, but not towards the miles total
This is confirmed. If the land based segment that I booked under counted, the total miles required would have jumped to the next award class. This came as a surprise to me, especially when they pointedly told me that there was a hidden segment in the iten that they could see (but we couldn't on that included the land based components.

{CONFIRMED}* If you start and end your overall trip in different cities, then you will have used your open jaw and cannot use one within your trip
Already confirmed.

{will confirm with ticketing}* A departure from an open jaw does NOT count towards the 1Stop/2Connects rule. For example, you can have 2 connections in JFK, one stop in JFK, then do a trip that lands in PHL, but departs from JFK (for a total of 4 departures from JFK)
Confirmed. I was able to book the AMM segment as a stop, 2 connection points within the connection rules, and an open jaw departure city (landing in AQJ, departing from AMM)

{CONFIRMED; will need to fight for 10% of lowest fare}*Infant fares are calculated as 10% of the applicable fare (you'll need to argue currently available lowest vs. full fare as definition of 'applicable' with tariff)
{CONFIRMED}*Infant reservations need to be on the same flight and class as the parent
{CONFIRMED}*However, infants do not need to travel on every segment that the parent is travelling on. This hold true for any segment, including domestic/international as well as the first segment of the trip.
{will confirm with ticketing}*Can issue multiple infant tickets at various times to the same parent OW PNR. For example, you ticket the infant for segments 1-4 then decide later to bring the infant for segments 9-11.
Confirmed the last point, was able to ticket my son for 2 of the 3 'round trips' we're taking.

Thanks for everyone who helped, I went from knowing nothing to learning the nuances in a week's time, and I feel like these OW tickets are a gem -my wife, who has to bypass her home city now every time, feels very differently
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