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Originally Posted by sbm12 View Post
If these are the actual airport codes you are putting in then this:

LIM doesn't have a lot of *A service so you're basically going to need to search for SFO-IAH/EWR and then IAH/EWR-LIM. And if the points are in CO or UA then you should use and search for connections in PTY.
The whole routing I'm looking at doing is CLE-LIM-SFO. Now comparing the CLE-LIM leg:

On I get all sorts of options for the connection including EWR, LGA, YYZ, IAH, and a bunch with two connections (it maxes out the 50-result search limit).

On ANA I get four results with include EWR, LGA, and YYZ. IAH isn't listed at all.

With ANA do I need do search for single segments at a time, rather than flights that include a connection? Maybe I am expecting the tool to do too much.

Also thanks for the tip on COPA, I'm definitely looking at that option too. They are CO miles that I'm using.
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