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Originally Posted by Dave Noble View Post
Not even close to a relevent analogy

Everyone has what they currently have; redemption rates have stayed unchanged and the earning for a platinum member will be unchanged allowing for redemptions at the same rates

A FF member is not a shareholder in the company; QFF hasn't just gone and given gold and silver members a large stack of miles, just that in the future, the gold member will have a better earning than currently
That's OK - just because you can't get your head around the concept doesn't mean that it is wrong.

A FF member may not be a shareholder in the company - but they are definately a stakeholder. Qantas can ill afford to lose Platinum tier customers.

I'm already LTG - and as a Gold member, I'm now better off! I never have to fly with Qantas again and will still receive pretty decent benefits.

Can't say the same for Qantas, though - how does that help their bottom line?

That's it - I'm not interested in a rant back and forth...
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