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Originally Posted by Blackcloud View Post
I agree that the changes to JQ have gotten to me. You now need to pay a lot extra to get the same product that you used to get and is it worth it? IMO, no, compared to what other airlines can offer. So JQ will lose revenue from me, either flying other airlines or from me purchasing cheaper fares.
Is WP worth me retaining? I am wondering about it but unlike Dave Noble I am still estatic but the First Lounge in SYD and MEL.
For WP we seem to be the forgotten tier, but like an earlier poster maybe ego has something to do with it here.
All very true, and have you seen their loads in Starclass MEL-SIN-MEL?

This route will surely be for the chop, especially as there will be less pax booking in the future.

BTW, I have 4 upcoming bookings MEL-SIN-MEL in Starclass, and the seatmaps don't suggest fullish flights.
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