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Originally Posted by mreed911 View Post
Actually, it does. You can SDS or CFC for any valid routing, connection or not... IF you have GLD or higher status.
Originally Posted by RChavez View Post
You 95% of the time have to follow the original routing rules as specified in the fare rules/tariff. However, you do have flexibility/latitude if it is not part of the original routing rules but a reasonably direct path. e.g. I have had success in routing via DCA/RDU/BNA in cases where the original fare rules restricted connections via ORD/DFW/STL only.
Originally Posted by Madison Guy View Post
There is another instance where connection -> non-stop will not be allowed: split-fare basis. I've hit it a number of times ORD-HNL. Ticketed ORD-LAX-HNL. Wanted ORD-HNL but could not (except in IRROPS) because the tkt was actaully based on two fare basis codes - and the LAX-HNL was an el-cheapo!
This is helping to explain a long-standing state of confusion for me. Many times, I have flown BOS-ORD-LAX-HNL because it was cheaper than BOS-ORD-HNL. When I arrive in ORD, I always try to get on the nonstop to HNL. Sometimes, the GA says no problem and puts me right on. Other times, they say it's not allowed. Since I've been EXP the whole time, it must have to do with the issues mentioned above.

When booking on, how do I ensure that I choose a connecting fare which permits standby on a nonstop? Just read the fare rules thoroughly?
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