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Originally Posted by Azulcactus View Post
My inbound flight was delayed 45 minutes, but I could still easily make my ticketed connection. I told the agent due to the delay my ride in my original destination was gone (AUS) and I needed to go to the other airport which is closer to my house (CLL). The first point was stretching the truth (although after the switch I did tell my SO to not make the drive to pick me up at my original destination), second part is complete truth.

I had another situation where my SO and I were flying through DFW within about an hour of each other, although me connecting to AUS and her to CLL. Due to IRROPS I missed the last DFW-AUS of the day and had to overnight and catch the first out. Since I had been gone 2 weeks she asked the DFW agent if she could switch her DFW-CLL ticket to DFW-AUS on the first flight out the next day. That way we could see each other overnight at DFW. She said no questions asked from the agent (even though she had no IRROPS and didn't mention my missed connection).

Maybe we're just very lucky.
I'm just impressed you're EXP with being close to CLL instead of a major airport. This coming from an aggie
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