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Speaking as one who had to find a hotel at ORD at 10:30pm on Wednesday night due to weather, I really question AAs ability to deal with irregular operations at ORD. In my case, which would end up being a long rant if I went into specifics, I was disgusted with they way they treated not only me but everyone involved. Those not prepared to pay a couple of hundred bucks for a room and meter and a half for a taxi probably ended up sleeping at the airport.

I can absolutely tell you that on K concourse there was not an AA person who was willing to help any regular travelers. In my case I was able to corner a CK rep who booked me the "closest" hotel available, a Holiday Inn Express in Elgin Il. I later googled it and it was 26 miles from the airport. Thanks for nothing.

The AA people I observed, including but not limited to the woman who closed the STL flight with empty seats and 5 people trying to get on the plane, were way more interested in clocking out then helping anyone.

My advice to anyone flying through ORD when there is weather is to make sure you have some cash and some patience because IMHO you can't count on AA to do the right thing. As a footnote I would add that this was my first trip as a 7 million miler- HAHAHAHA.
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