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Originally Posted by Azulcactus View Post
Yup, my SO (Gold) and I do this all the time. Switching from a connection to a direct or even vice versa (!) hasn't ever been an issue (assuming there are seats).
This is SOP.

Originally Posted by Azulcactus
I've even been able to switch final destination to an airport within 150 miles of my original destination (elite status may have had a hand in that one though).
This is definitely not SOP. I have a feeling you were in an IRROPS situation and agreed to transport yourself from the new destination. This would generally not be permitted for anyone (regardless of status) without paying a change fee plus add collect.

Originally Posted by Azulcactus
I imagine if you try switching to an indirect path which is not on the normal routing path you will get denied. No cheap MRs switching your DCA-ORD flight to connect via LAX.
Correct. You 95% of the time have to follow the original routing rules as specified in the fare rules/tariff. However, you do have flexibility/latitude if it is not part of the original routing rules but a reasonably direct path. e.g. I have had success in routing via DCA/RDU/BNA in cases where the original fare rules restricted connections via ORD/DFW/STL only. Again, IRROPS situations dramatically increase the latitude given.
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