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Originally Posted by slippahs View Post
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Unless there's a fare sale, it's way to early to be booking for Feb of next year. Set a Kayak fare alert email and get daily updates on the fare to monitor. Then use Bing's price predictor to see if they predict your fare to drop as it gets closer.

As for go!, yes they allow free standby and so does Island Air. But then you'd be flying go! Not that it's relevant to this thread, but one should wider whether go will still be going next year, given their recent press about atrocious delays. Too many mx issues with their CRJs.
I would second Slippahs comment about Go!.. as the reason why we fly with Hawaiian, even though ticket prices are a bit more expensive.. and I'm not sure about the restrictions, but I think Expedia mentioned a change fee involved one time I was checking. Local employees, have communicated to our family how a while back Go (Mokulele)! cut prices and caused Aloha Airlines to go out of business.

A bit out of respect for the Kama'aina and for us a little bit more certainty on flight schedule and stability is our reason why we continue to choose Hawaiian Airlines.
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