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I have brought EBM home from an intl trip

August 2010 - flying NRT - SFO with milk. I kept it in a fridge in my hotel, then packed it in a cooler with ice and brought it to the airport. Checked in at JAL biz counter (I was on a biz class ticket), told them I had milk and showed them the page I had printed from the TSA website that says you can bring milk with you. I asked the counter agent to translate the page into Japanese so I could show it to the security agent. Which I did - they read the page, made me open the cooler, looked at the bags, then sent me on my way. FWIW, on the flight I asked the FA for some more ice and when I told her what it was for, she took the cooler and put it into one of the cold lockers on the plane so the milk flew home in biz class cooled comfort. ^

Good luck.

By the way, I brought maybe 25 bags of 4 oz each... so 100 ounces or so? I assume you aren't going to pour the milk into a 1 liter bottle... you'll have the little bags, right? What if you filled them between 3-5 ounces each, then told them that you have less than 1 liter? Let them figure out how many ounces it is.

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