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The OP mentioned in his very first post that he arrived 110 minutes before departure time in CCS at the check in and that he and his fiancÚ were SEN card holders.

The check in staff in CCS recorded in the booking of the OP that he presented himself 75 minutes before departure time. That means that the staff was writing this comment 75 minutes before the departure time into the pnr. The time of writing cannot be faked by the staff.

In post # 143 the OP is mentioning that he has a SEN card and his fiancÚ is holder of a FTL card. Then he mentions that a clock on a wall reads 16:19 or :20 or 16:21 which would mean 121 minutes or 120 minutes or 119 minutes prior to departure.

If this case goes to court it will be considered that the OP is giving four different times for his arriving at the check in and on the first time he and his fiancÚ pretended to be both holder of a SEN card but later admits that his fiancÚ holds a FTL card.

Take the 150 bucks and move on.
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