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not good....

have you tried the food in pandara park near khan market????pretty good stuff....
Not recently. I have not been in that area since school (Humayun Road) days. On this trip to India. I had no car, unless I hired a taxi. I lived like an everyday middling middle class (not upcoming or prosperous middle class) person on limited income. I ate in places within walking distance of where I happened to be when I needed to eat.
With dhabas if the dhaba doesn't have a hidden galley area, where they can store stuff, it's most likely O.K.
I should have known that Shahi Panner spelled trouble. Shahi Paneer is something that a greedy owner would take chances with by serving it beyond it's useful life. I drank a bottled soft drink, stayed away from their water, and still got sick.
I went to a chemist who gave me three doses of norflox. I asked him what the normal course was. He didn't know, except that three doses should cure it. The normal course is 3-5 days. I bought some more. Now that I had had an antibiotic course, and I had already been immunised against hepatitis A & B I figured I could take some risk.

A few years ago, my son got sick from eating at Nathus in Bengali MArket. I figured why pay three times as much to get sick. So I ate street food from one man stalls.
I hadn't had some of the stuff in years. I am still alive.
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