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Thought about "boobTube", but first, I don't have the guy's screaming F**#ng F**K. We were pre-occupied with other issues at that time So I got the cops video (and they were not happy about it, and tried to block my girls phone camera's view but they didn't know I was filming it). Secondly, the "lost it" guy came down really fast after realizing we were filming him and just sat on the chair and actually started ACTING (!). Started even being calm and saying "let's wait for police" or something like that...

So, in the end, we have 20 minutes of shaken images, walking, talking, camera flipping up and down. Don't think anyone would be interested... I wouldn't, if I'd saw something like that.

But what is MORE "shocking" to me, is not the mentally unstable guy at the gates (probably, couldn't make a pilot test and blames everyone for it), but the unprofessionalism of the manager, who is in their mid 20's!!! You can not physically to have that much of experience, by the time you graduate from school and even if you are top of the grad.class, you still can't "absorb" life and life's never ending surprise situations by that age

Trust me, I was very bright kid in my 20's and I am sure, there are many, many, many other people as well. BUT, I think if the entire International (!) airport of Prague, gives such KEY position to a person of that age (with obvious lack of experience), who can tell complete strangers and STILL a paying pax with gold status "You think, you a special with your gold cards" and "I don't care" and "This means nothing to me", then we have a serious HR problem on our hands.

She can think the worst things about me, but you don't tell this to people's face AND you probably forgot, that you REPRESENT an entire airline and a country! Call me old fashioned, but even with my razor tongue, I will not allow myself to tell this to a person if I have such type of job.
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