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Originally Posted by chuckd View Post
Okay, thanks for the response. It's always good to hear something- anything- from someone who has been there. I think I'll plan on barhopping the first night then going to a hot spring and meandering about the city the next. This stopover is just a leg I added on to an award trip to Tokyo (as part of a trip to Nepal), so I figure anything at all that I get to do or see is better than nothing.
You have plenty of time. I would put stuff down in the hotel and (if you are into history) go to the National Museum first. Maybe freshen up and hit a night market before hitting the bars.

I would go to a different nightmarket each night. Most (like my first trip) go to Shilin night market, but feel free to ask locals (more speak English than you think) about their ideas regarding night markets and suggestions. When at the night markets, observe what folks are eating or where there are lines and just ask! Food is a passion for many Taiwanese and so they'll be thrilled to throw out opinions. There are other great restaurants to visit in Taipei. One I went to recently was Kao Chi - a local chain (pronounced Kao Ji - I went to the one in Da An District). My sister and I had some lovely soup dumpings (xiao long bao), crispy pan fried (at bottom) soup buns (sheng jian bao), shao mao (shrimp and pork)... but when in doubt, ask neighbors or wait staff. As you can see, I love eating..

After Kao Ji we just walked around the local neighborhood and poked in shops. A lot of boutiques, coffee shops, bakeries etc where everyone was lovely. Friendly, helpful, saying hello etc. (although I speak Chinese - it's not apparant at first sight and folks were just as nice to my sister who doesn't speak a word).

Walking around. I walked around the Shi Da area as well and one could walk around Xi Men Ding.

Doing the hot springs on Saturday post bar hopping is perfect...

Have a great trip!
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