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First of all, many thanks to the volunteer moderators for all of the time and effort they have been putting into thinking about how to best deal with the merger on FT. There are obviously many ways to do this, and a lot of careful thought was obviously put into the current scheme. However, by re-opening this thread, I gather that the mods are not averse to receiving some additional feedback and suggestions, so here goes.

Having now seen this in action, my personal suggestion would be similar to that of gawhite411 above: to the extent you have taken the bold action of creating a third forum, perhaps it would be easiest to just have all new posts here. People can indicate in the titles whether their message is specific to booking a UA or CO flight. This would not only perhaps cut down on the need to monitor multiple forums, but would have the advantage of cross-education -- i.e., even if I have been flying primarily United, the odds of me getting on a CO flight in the future have increased due to merger-related activities, so it is probably good for me to see some amount of the CO-specific traffic.

The old CO and MP forums could be kept alive, but on an archived basis. Someone posting in the "consolidated" forum could link back to an earlier thread from one of those forums if it is relevant.

This might have the advantage not only of preparing us for the future, but helping us all get a better understanding of the present situation. I'm not sure about the OP forum, but in the MP forum, many of the great master threads contain a lot of information that is now simply out of date. Requiring people to post new messages in a third forum, and only link back to the old threads where relevant, might be the easiest way for a fresh start.

This is coming from the perspective of someone who is fairly new to FT; I'm sure there are others with the benefit of experience with what worked (and didn't work) with previous airline mergers. And the moderators are obviously best placed to determine what works best from a technical perspective. I certainly respect the final decisions of the mods, whatever they may be; there are a lot of potentially competing equities here, and as someone said above, no solution will be perfect for everyone. Thanks for putting so much thought into this though.

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