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Originally Posted by chuckd View Post
I didn't want to start a new thread just to basically ask the same questions. I have a stopover coming up arriving in Taipei around 1300 on a Friday, leaving Sunday around 1600. Generally enjoy walking, seeing things, eating and drinking.
Granted my time is short, but is it feasible to hit the night markets and bars on Friday, get out of town for a hot spring/ beach/ diving on Saturday (before doing the night market/ bar thing that night) and then going to the top of 101 on Sunday? Flying into and out of Songshan. I know everyone hates on the 101 but I like obs decks and really want to see the damper. This will be in August; planning to use SPG points, probably for the Westin.
You have a good amount of time as you'll at least have the late afternoon & evening on the Friday, all of Saturday and the morning and a bit of the early afternoon on that day.

The key thing is that going to a hot spring doesn't involve much more than taking the efficient Metro system out to Xinbeitou and then either walking or taking a taxi to whichever hot spring you'd like to go to. In terms of a beach, I think there are some you can get to after transferring onto a bus from Danshui station but someone else can probably advise you on that. I know that other beaches can be reached as a day trip on the regular mainline train services. However, since your time is short, I'd stick with the hot springs. Taipei 101 should be saved for whichever day the weather seems to be the best.

Enjoy Taipei and the convenience of flying in and out of TSA. I myself am set to avoid TPE on my next trip to Taipei in September.
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