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Javabytes' replies are pretty much how I had understood the situation, but I recently read the published rules associated with a trip I was considering, just to make sure I understood correctly. The rules I read said essentially that the dates could be changed with a change fee and fare difference, but the origin and destination could not be changed at all. Did I find a rogue fare rule, or is the implementation different than what's actually published?

Another thing I've wondered about: When you need to make a change that involves paying the fare difference, how does Delta calculate the new fare? For instance, if I change only the outbound portion prior to departure, I assume they use the difference between round trip fares. But this seems to be an "unfair" windfall for DL. That is, since the return is not changed, I'm not asking them to buy a seat on the return at the later date, when the supply/demand has changed in their favor.

Conversely, if I've already flown the outbound leg and want to change the return, I assume the fare difference is the difference between the fare portions for just the return legs. Is this correct? If not, how could DL come up with a new fare for comparison? But if I'm right about this scenario, then it would seem to reinforce my thought that in the scenario above (changing only the outbound prior to departure), the fare difference should not be computed between round trip fares but merely the fare portions of the legs being changed.

Does that make sense?

I was in SLC skiing with my family last week when snow conditions prompted my wife to ask if we could just extend the trip by one day to get in some skiing on a good day rather than the brutal weather we had experienced. On that trip, two of us were on a DL Amex companion ticket, and two were on SkyBonus tix. I figured extending the trip would mean buying four new last-minute tix, and they might even be 1-ways. Or if there were another option it would take me most of the extra day to work out the complexity. We ended up sticking with the itinerary we had booked, but it started me wondering about these things.

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