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I've seen a photo on an airline website, showing a couple dining together at one seat. I tried to find it just now, but couldn't locate it quickly. It was either an international business or first class seat, with an ottoman. One sat on the ottoman and the other in the seat, the table was set for two. I could be remembering it slightly wrong, but it was certainly two people in one seat or suite doing something. This is the image that came to mind reading the OP.

I agree with most of the sentiment regarding exclusivity, except the idea that the paying first class passenger couldn't request their spouse come up to sit with them for a little while - assuming it's one designed like that in the mystery photo. Unless you see the person come in or have paid close attention to everyone else sitting in the cabin, you won't know any different anyway.

Also, it's a bit of a stretch to take the OP and what I'm saying as "inviting people up into it".

As B747-437B alluded, a politely assertive or dignified request to the flight attendant could probably, on some airlines in some circumstances, have the desired result. And in my opinion, should.

Though it is just my opinion, I suppose. I mostly wanted to mention that photo I'd seen, not meaning to make this go back-and-forth.
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